Saying Goodbye

The last day of the holiday is always a bit tricky to spend. You have all that luggage with you and there is quite a specific end to the activities you choose.

On this travel, that day was easy to plan. As I was scheduled to flight out through San Francisco at the late evening, this was the perfect chance to say goodbye to many of my former working colleges.

Many of the people I worked together in the past years I only knew from email or phone conversations. So it was nice to see these people once from face to face.

Even though most of these coworkers are Indian, that is not the reason we have chosen Saravanaa Bhavan, an Indian vegetarian restaurant. I actually was introduced to this restaurant by Swiss coworkers. Their food is really nice and I like the Indian cuisine anyway. The Indian coworkers were actually quite amused, that the “crazy Swiss guys” are so into their food. So we had a good time at diner before we wished good luck to everyone.