An Old Home – AHA Hotel

The AHA Hotel surprised me with a really large and nice room. Not only is there plenty of space in the bedroom, but apart from a bath there is also a small kitchen and the entire room could really serve as a small flat.

The view from my little balcony into the backyard is also very nice and quite a bit of a contrast, when you take into account the front side of the hotel, which is rather a – lets say – regular street side facade.

BTW, if you take a guided city tour with one of the busses, you will drive past the hotel, as just about 200 meters away, the most beautifully milk shop is located. Its really nice, let me assure this, but there is a no-picture policy. But on the homepage of the “Schönster Milchladen“, you can find some impressions. They even show a nice panorama of the shop, so you can walk around here without actually traveling.