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Time to Move On

On request by one of the readers of this blog, I am posting a bad weather picture for those who had to stay home. Of course, that particular day was anyway dedicated to traveling a bit southwards as my finally 5 days and nights at West Yellowstone did come to an end. The extension of…

A New Home – Three Bears Lodge

The “Three Bears Lodge” will be my new home for the next 4 nights. I was really pleased to see, that the hotel matches the advertisement on the internet. Its really, what i looked for. A nice comfortable place.

A long Drive

Todays goal was to get to West Yellowstone, where a nice hotel waits for me to host me for the next 4 days. Around 500 km had to be left behind. As there was relative little traffic, that did not sound too complicated. And the weather created a beautiful scenery, such that driving was a…