Disney Land at Las Vegas – Le Paris

Well, it is kind of common know ledge, that Las Vegas is a Disney Land for adults. Seeing it, is though a bit special anyway. However, also in this place there are definitively to many people to really enjoy it. The only thing you had not to queue was at the slot machines and game tables in the casinos. For eating or getting a ticket for one of the shows, queues built up quite easily.

For me this was anyway only a short rest on my way to the west coast. I quickly browsed the casino rooms and was a bit astounded how full they are are. But I kept it with looking as I was rather hungry than anything else.

As one can see by the images posted, I decided to stay in Paris this night. It was quite amazing to walk through the streets of the french capital, knowing that this is all indoors. But the illusion was quite well done.