Back at Riverside Inn

When I looked for a hotel in or around “Yosemite National Park” on, I decided to stay at the “Riverside Inn” as it looked quite ok. When I finally arrived there in full darkness – surprise – the place looked very familiar.

When I was visiting Yosemite for the first time some 6 years ago, I struggled to find a place to stay and finally found that small motel a bit outside the park. Now intuition or was it actually my background memory, which guided me, brought me back to the place.

Despite the fact, that my search strategy was completely different (many tries and errors using the GPS Point of Interest then – and a direct hit on the hotel reservation page now), the result was the same. Also quite interestingly both the GPS device I used then, a Garmin Palm style device, and the GPS Software on my iPhone from TomTom, which is guiding my now, show a completely wrong place for that Motel. The location seems to be far of at the end of a dirt road. I don’t remember how I found it last time, this time, I was just about turning into that small road, when another car arrived. Tired of leading the small “convoy”, I gave way to that other care and followed, expecting some time to drive on. After half a mile, that car turned left and only then I realized a sign reading “Riverside Inn”. I am not sure whether I would have overlooked it otherwise, but I was quite happy to be at the destination for that day as it was a long “driving day”.