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Wilde Tiere

Nachdem der erste Versucht nach Alcatraz zu kommen gescheitert ist, war am ersten Reisetag nun also schon mal ein Plan-B gefragt. Da der Zoo sowieso auf der Liste stand, wurde der Besuch desselben entsprechend vorgezogen.

Well Done

For me a visit to the local Zoo is a typical part of a city tour. At Hamburg the “Hagenbecks Tierpark” is conveniently reached by the public transportation. Just after entering the park, at the elephant area a specially of the Zoo is immediately visible. People can feed the animals. This is of course a…

In the Zoo

(Almost) no travel without at least one visit in a zoo. So the San Francisco Zoo came to my travel itinerary. While I would have preferred a visit at the San Diego Zoo, this one was a bit closer and I anyway traveled enough. Expecting nice an warm weather, I dressed a bit summer like.…