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At the Madison River

A bit off the main road through the park, on a secluded drive, one can catch the calm atmosphere at the Madison River.

Behind the Scenes

What normally looks like an idyllic scenery in a remote and secluded location, sometimes is quite a crowded happening. Dozens of people, armed with cell phones, small digital cameras, semi professional equipment or quite impressive zoom lenses are observing the scene and hoping for their perfect picture. The subject and its observers:

At the Right Time

Today, the big animals were quite generous in posing for the camera. But I guess, it is all a question of being at the right time at the right place. Being “held” up by a herd of bison quite a bit, the delay was just right to meet a beautiful mule deer fifteen minutes later.…

Quite Crowed

Crowded, that is what the streets become, when one of the large animals, such as an elk, a bison or a pronghorn feeds along the street. It takes one or two drivers to notice one of those animals and stop along the street and looking into the wilderness. Any following car would at least slow…

Wildlife a la Carte

Shortly after entering the Yellowstone National park, a massive traffic jam built up. 1st gear driving for quite some distance normally would one drive crazy. Here this looks like a good sign! Something must be very interesting and soon I will know what? A bear, a bison or an Elk? It happened to be a…