Berlin for 60 Minutes

This is the first time after a long break, I saw Berlin again. But it’s not yet the real stay at the capital of Germany. It’s just a short stop over, basically waiting for my next train to get me from Dresden to Rostock.

But this is the first time I arrived by train at Berlin. The new main station is quite overwhelming and since there was not really time to have a look at the city except for a few panorama views, I prepared myself for my stay in a week and bought tickets for the local public transportation system and made myself familiar with the various levels of the trains station, in order that I take the right path to the S-Bahn then.

The real travel destination of the day, Rostock, was an easy trip. In both trains there was enough room, well in the first I had a reservation, but the second one, which was actually the longer leg, offered the comfort of having a seat with plenty of room too. So I could arrive quite relaxed at Rostock.